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For the rest of 2024, I am offering a 50% off price for a puppy for the first five people that put their deposit down for an upcoming litter this year only (2024). I do still have two male puppies for sale, one red/sable (can go in about five weeks) and one tri that can go home anytime.

Additionally, I have an announcement to make: According to the Ellensburg Daily Record newspaper, page B1 of their February 8, 2024 edition, the price of pets has increased drastically since 2018. (copy of the article shown below). I have not increased my pricing since 2018. 

Their article states that there has been an astounding surge of 51.16% since 2018 – 2022, with another 3.2% anticipated in 2024 due to inflation. I have really tried to keep my prices down, but the cost of veterinarian costs have hit me hard and the past few months, the kibble I buy (NurtriSource, 30# bags) have decreased the bag size to 26 pounds and increased the cost of what I purchase by 30%. I still purchase the brand as I do believe it is a good quality kibble for puppies and dogs. I have looked at other brands, and they have followed suite to the same model of price increasing. I am still holding my price down to what I believe is reasonable and will offer a similar sale (as stated above) off and on as I can. Starting June 1. 2024, my new pricing will be $2000 plus a $200 non-refundable deposit, far less than the 51.16% increase indicated above. Puppies with the intent of being a breeding dog, will be an additional $1000.

Other news:
I now am offering Cardigan Welsh Corgis. They come in merle, black and white with or without brindle points, brindle, and possibly some reds (Rosie is a true red/white cardigan). I am very excited about this breed as their temperaments are astoundingly wonderful, they are very playful, non-aggressive and they get to keep their tails.

I will still continue with the Pembroke corgis, but I’ve had to retire many of them the past couple of years and will still plan to have 3-4 Pembroke breeding females, as well as 3-4 breeding Cardigan females. Not all will breed at the same time, but there will be more options available for color, temperaments and tails.

Rehoming Opportunity
Chanel is being rehomed as she needed an emergency C-section and a spay this last cycle. It is best for her to find a forever home where she can be someone’s loved one and experience all the other wonderful things in life, not just puppies. She was born January 6, 2021, is clear on all genetics and is a very sweet, loving girl. She is ready to experience life to its fullest! She is crate, leash, house trained. Asking price is $1500.