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You have the best Corgis in the Northwest!!!!
Ashley Bean from Seattle told us:
Just wanted to share this photo with you and let you know tater tot is doing great! We had him out for a walk this weekend and ran into a couple that's looking to get a corgi puppy! They had already seen your site and they were so excited to see one of your puppies in person! I gave you a glowing review and talked about how all of your dogs are beautiful and very well taken care of.
Tara from Tacoma told us:
She's very independent and bossy, but she's learning to listen very well, and we are learning the best way to communicate with her. We finished up Puppy Preschool and can do Sit, Down, Stay, Leave-it, Drop-it, and walking on a leash nicely. We plan to do a more intensive training program at 6 months. She's a smart cookie and seems to need that mental challenge that training brings. When she's older, there's a farm nearby that does Herding lessons. I think she'd have a blast herding the sheep around.

Beverly from Wenatchee told us:
Winston is wonderful! He has only missed going outside a few times. He is fitting right in! The crate training is the best and easiest. 
I am so proud of him.
Gene from Alaska told us:
Check out these websites with Corgi Information to enjoy:
If the link does not work, just copy and paste it into your web browser and enjoy!! You may also visit a FB group a customer 
created called Flying M Corgis Alumni
Hi Teri, it's Gus' mom from last March's litter. He is now 15 months old and very healthy. He gets a LOT of comments on how handsome he is, plus he's very trim with a healthy coat because he's so active... he goes pretty much everywhere with me, including a roadtrip to 9 states... so many walks and adventures in new places! I have kept him on Blue Buffalo and NuVet, which I often recommend to other pet owners as two fantastic products.

I hope you and all the pups are well!  

Mikaela and Gus

News from Mikaela:
Check out this URL for Instagram Likes on one of my puppies (sent in by John S.). 
Their pup was named after the wine - Torii