Flying M Ranch - Ellensburg, WA
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Retired Corgis - The Work Crew
These girls and boys are still part of our family. They help my husband on the farm, tending to the cattle, sheep and turkeys. They enjoy life and have reached the end of their production for babies but are still a large part of our family. They will always be welcome to come back to us when they've been rehomed (Savannah, etc.). Some have already gone over the rainbow bridge.
We like to retire them before they are wore out producing. Then they can enjoy a different aspect of life on the farm. They LOVE it!
Lady Jasime of   Reecer Creek
Lady Belladonna of Reecer Creek
Lady Annaliese of Reecer Creek
Lady Lillianna of 
Reecer Creek
Savannah's Southern Charm
Redrose-N-FF "A-Breath-of-Fresh-Air" aka Windy

Lady Ellensburg "Ellie"
Molly's Charm
Smokin' Guns of Reecer Creek (Gunner)
FF Lexus Style Life Tvoy
Boomer also had to be retired
Josie's Charm
Cami is retired due to a uterine infection, spread from an apparent bladder infection. She had NO symptoms, until is was almost too late. :(